Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

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Download the sounds:
Beedy Beedy Beedy Beedy beedy beedy – Who are you? What are you? So this is an invitation Who are you? I don’t know P e n d a r Pendar This could be the first encounter of people from two different universes Yes doctor Which means we could plug it into any star fighters navigation system Yes but her technicians still have to decode the chip and transfer the information to a computer disc We come from two different universes keeper and yet you speak to me in my own language A bit higher dear A little bit higher Ow! Clumsy Beedy beedy beedy Beedy beedy beedy. What about me? Beedy – That’s different Beedy – who, me? Exactly That guys got the brains of a can opener Can you patch me through to the directorate channel? Don’t take it personally tweakie Beedy – that thing’s hot to trot History will record you as an extraordinary mortal I’m having the computer disc installed to the star fighter I’d sure like to find out Very well, start the magnifiying process please You’re sending a drone through the vortex? This is Captain Buck Rogers This is an absolutely unforgivable violation Thank you Doc The staff is reducing the decoded patterns to a computer disc, compatable with earth space vehicles And patternings, yes, they’re binary patternings And a lot of luck Quickly as possible Grunt Goodbye I’ll get started I’m not a code 5 technician your highness, so I was not allowed in the lab I think I’ll call you Panther man Macromagnifier Me does not compute Microchip Might as well Somebody must have said the magic word Well like some kind of er sonic diamond cutter

In the year 1987, Air Force captain William “Buck” Rogers tests the Ranger 3 spacecraft. His flight was to last only 5 months, but a meteor storm damages his life-support systems, freezing him solid, and casts Ranger 3 into an orbit which returns it to Earth–over 500 years later. Soon after Buck departs, Earth is devastated by a nuclear war caused by a renegade group of U.S. military officers. In 2491, Buck, who has survived due to the freezing, is revived and tries to adjust to life on 25th-century post-nuclear Earth. In the second season, Buck joins the crew of the Searcher, a starship dispatched to locate former Earth colonies in deep space.

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