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This is the Favourite quotes from the Channel 4 comedy series.

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Gentleman’s relish with olives No Brilliant I’m going to answer the door now Mark, but I’m coming back for you Anyway, crunchy nut cornflakes are just frosties for wankers Frosties are just cornflakes for people who can’t face reality I’m looking to shake up the department, and I want you two to be my enforcers The iron fists inside my velvet glove, the spiky balls on the end of my stick Is that cool? Unofficial verbal warning Do what need you need to do, she’s right on the bloody precipice If you want, I could call you a cab If you’re innocent, you’ve got nothing to hide have you. Come on, let’s have a look. Let me feel it, its hard isn’t it! Maybe A bit, who cares, it works No no, mate Oh, right Yes, of course Jeremy, you bloody You’ve got no business being in love with Big Suz, there’s enough people in love with her already, she’s full I know that doesn’t mean a lot to you, but I take it quite seriously How dare you You’re no bloody eunch, that’s for sure Bollocks Bye Couldn’t you find anyone else to shag? Are you kidding, that’s like firing first in a duel, if you miss you’re fucked Far too busy for post Hello Hit her with the disciplinary matters Oh no, just a bit of internet research It’s not all a conspiracy to keep you in little boxes, alright Its only the miracle of consumer capitalism that means you’re not lying in your own shit, dying at 43 with rotten teeth, and a little pill with a chicken on it is not going to change that Jeremy’s gone alright, he’s pissed off, he’s left Just a minute You’re not a bad person, but I’m afraid to say you are a moron Must be some kind of mistake Is that what a thousand years of the English judicial system comes down to, no smoke without fire? I’m not really high on drugs, so you can stop talking your nonsense on my time Now come on, fuck off Now pull your socks up and get your shoes on, come on all of you Oh, ok, sure Perfect She’s going to bed, she doesn’t want any more of your drugs Shit Sophie You can stop smoking your drugs, I’m making tea and toast for Sophie, I’m putting on Radio 4, everything’s normal Yeah, well You do know its Thursday You’ve been chilling long enough, this is reality calling Music My head’s in pieces, I don’t need this Hi Mark What the fuck The only airline that really undertands is BA And she flew budget, so it will be a nightmare coming through airport security Looking at nudie ladies research?

Golden Rose-winning sitcom Peep Show returns for a third series, following the domestic adventures of twentysomething south London flatmates Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb).

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