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I’m a Mogwai Aie yah An interesting choice of words Belele bah bei Mogwai! Billy Bright light, bright light, bright light! Bright light, bright light I’ll catch the beast myself I’ll bet every kid in America would like to have one of these Dad’s machines they work so well the first couple of weeks… use the sink Did you feed them after midnight? Do you see what I see You’re familiar with the bathroom buddy right? Don’t ever feed him after midnight Hmm Gremlins Music Hahahehur Number one, he hates bright lights Er, he has something to say, er, to you He’ll get what he deserves, a slow painful death He’s a mogwai Gremlin noise I bet he’d like some chicken soup I have made an improvement I’m sure it will come in handy Its really important I just call him Gizmo, he seems to like it I’ve listened to his miserable excuses for years, the loser Man at gas station try to sell me Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai noises Mogwai nosies 2 But not if you have the bathroom buddy Mum could you come up here please Chicken cooker Now what are you gonna do? Ohhla Maybe I’ll put him in my spindrier on high heat Remember me dontcha They might even replace the dog as the family pet That’d do it alright Yeah that’s pretty neat The one with the stripe seems to be the leader There’s a problem with the Mogwai To hear, one has only to listen Very generous of you Can we have dinner tomorrow night? Under normal circumstances, you are in trouble Well I gave them some chicken What With Mogwai comes much responsibility The world’s changing, you gotta change with it, you gotta be tough Ya hungry? Yeah, what’s that? You’re late for the big meeting You’re on your way in, you reach out, you forgot to shave You teach him to watch television?

Inventor Randall “Rand” Peltzer (played by Hoyt Axton) of Kingston Falls goes on a trip to New York City and decides to pick up a present for his son Billy (Galligan). He happens upon a small shop in Chinatown which sells him a small, cute, furry creature called a mogwai (which, in Mandarin Chinese, translates literally as “evil spirit”). Though it seems innocent enough, the seller warns him that he must take the following precautions regarding the creature: he must not let it near bright light (especially sunlight, which can kill the creature), he must not get water on it, and, most importantly, never feed it after midnight. Rand names the creature Gizmo and brings it home to his son. Unfortunately, although his new companion proves to be a very gentle and well behaved creature, Billy and his friends inadvertantly become careless with Gizmo. They get water on Gizmo, causing him to instantly multiply. Even worse, the new and much more anti-social mogwai (led by Stripe, who has a white mohawk-like hairstyle) that have spawned from Gizmo trick their guardians into feeding them after midnight, and transform into dark green gremlin-like monsters which wreak havoc upon Billy’s town. Together with his girlfriend Kate Beringer (Cates), Billy must stop the gremlins before they can cause any more damage. Remarkably for the time and cultural context, the “original” Gizmo is not only non-participant, but even afraid of his evil offsprings and helps Billy and Kate fight them. [edit] Awards Gremlins won the following awards: The 1985 Saturn Award for Best Director, Best Horror Film, Best Music, Best Special Effects, and Best Supporting Actress (Polly Holliday) from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films The 1985 Golden Screen Award The 1985 Young Artist Award for Best Family Motion Picture – Adventure The film was also nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Young Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama (Corey Feldman).

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