King of the Hill

This is the King of the Hill flash soundboard. Amusing comedy mp3 sound clips of the TV series King of the Hill, designed for crank calls and general office humor.

Download the sounds:
Anyone Any responses Anything All you have to do is cosign, as you are the one with the income, and the house is in your name Could I sell guns in this location? Cream cheese is cheese Bill Get me something that shoots like this… bangbangbang AAA Gun cocking OK You know this is the perfect gun selling location I can’t believe it, what am I going to do with my weekends now, except watch sports I’d like your thickest book please Bobby, television What do you call it Peggy? Ambience. Right, ambience. I don’t know I’m kind of in the mood for some stimulating conversation In theory I reject this money, it is only in practice that I accept it Come on, lets get a dialogue going Bobby, why don’t you go look in the adventure section. Anything about a boy with gumption should be fine Morning Officer Oh, mind if I join you? Hoah I will be raking in money with one hand, and reading my book for the book club with the other So that’s it? Straight and back Oh I can, and I will No, its not, its butter Sometimes the boys like to go down in the basement, and test their piece. Don’t worry, I shut off the gas valve. Well, shot off the gas valve That’s what the elves call justice of the unicorn What I sell is a lifestyle Why won’t you take my word for this Yep Yep (2) Yes, yes You can’t do that

King of the Hill is a long-running, satirical animated series. It depicts a “typical” Texan family, the Hills. A conservative, God-fearing Methodist family proud of its Texas heritage, the Hills reside in the fictional town of Arlen. Unlike most other animated series, which feature wacky or outlandish situations, King of the Hill attempts to retain realism; it is something of a dramedy. It is broadcast weekly on the FOX Network. The show’s popularity has also led to frequent re-runs (syndicated) by many local affiliates and FX Networks. King of the Hill documents the Hill family’s daily life, taking on, in the process, some of the most controversial topics in modern America. Themes of past episodes have included women’s liberation, female pastors, sex education, sexual harassment, proctologic examinations, ethnic diversity, social workers, traffic school, and addiction support groups. The show focuses on the simple lives of the Hill family, often in contrast to “outsiders” such as the Souphanousinphones. The title theme was written and performed by The Refreshments.

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