The Bill Soundboard

This is the The Bill soundboard. GABRIEL KENT you stole my identity! Have great fun listening to quotes from the TV police drama.

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David stole his identity, his qualifications, everything, and he joined the Met as Gabriel Kent Why’s the duty inspector want CID involved Sierra Oscar from 888, we found a dead body Do you want me to get some uniform down I’ll join the duty officer and get the forensic medic down here BRRR move I don’t care I can imagine what you’re going through The owner died recently I know what its like to lose your parents I’m going to tell her alright Is this your father Mrs Jenna Its not the money, its the personal things Its time to put an end to that now Look, I know, believe me, it was the biggest mistake of my life, but OK, get round there Look like some little scumbag started doing dead peoples’ houses A man matching your description was seen arguing with her over here earlier See you later Sarge Sir Uniform have been checking CCTV footage in Goddard street where we know she was dropped off in a minicab So why don’t we wait for that And you knew about that? But be discreet This is all the embarassment that Sunhill needs, lets find her before the tabloids do That’s who he was All of a sudden I had this little brother Er, our mystery gunshot victim, I need his clothes for a media appeal Shut up! My dad, was always preaching, making me feel like, dirt Dirt How can I ever believe a word you say again? I love you Sheila I need you to help me I try to do the right thing, but some people won’t let me There was just the three of us, me, mum, dad This anger, it wells up in me, its like I can’t stop it When you love someone and they don’t love you back, the best way is to never love at all In the end you realise its easier to just push people away Sometimes I got so swolled up by it, that I hated myself, so when the chance came up to be someone else You show me what its like to be alive, properly alive, before that I was just existing Terry

The Bill soundboard. GABRIEL KENT you stole my identity! Have great fun making crank calls and listening to quotes from the TV police drama.

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