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From now on, all periods will be called Steves Better with your brother than some stranger right? Big girl, big girl Hey listen, mom, dad, can I have a dog? That’s my boy! Did you see Momento? Its not as good the second time Woah, you here that Hillary, looks like you’re a winner with Steve! Have you managed to contact your home planet yet? I’m thinking of cutting 3rd Steve, you in? So if its a statement, it should always be followed by a Steve Don’t play coy you cardigan jessebelle, I have photographic evidence of you having sexual relations with a jack in the box man Oh we just signed a contact with Ikea to furnish Iraq Er, Gezuntite Oh, you know I was going to do it yesterday but I got distracted Oh dammit, he’s gonna pee, nonono, nope just dust Happy Hour, munchmunch Help me! Osama is that you? Rigging elections is my bread and butter Roger Hey, you think that diploma will help you land a better section when you’re waitressing at the Olive Garden? OK, I got a little carried away back there I forgot Hayley, wake up, I had a sugar crash and I fell asleep and i didn’t do the paper Mmm, dangerous, mmm Mr Phillips, may I be excused, I’m having my Steve Oh my God, my mom almost caught me throwing up last night, HEY my purse No Roger, you cannot borrow the car Oh my God Oh my God, score score score score Oh, oh, oh Sorry about that Steve’s big boy hair isn’t going to come in any faster with you taunting him I have to study for my term paper Francine, you be very careful out there today, we’re at terror alert orange Absolutely not Basically the whole country is going to look like your first apartment Hey want to come back to my apartment Sure, you can vote for Shelly Maxwell, if you don’t mind voting for a prostitute! Which means something might go down, look sharp Yeah baby

Family Guy comparisons American Dad was created during the immedidate period after producer Seth MacFarlane’s original series, Family Guy had been cancelled by FOX (it has since been restored). As a result, the show purposesly attempted to re-create a Family Guy-esque dynamic that the existing writers and production team would be comfortable with. Compared to Family Guy, which makes heavy use of non sequitur cutaways and nonsensical (nearly dadaist) humor, parodying celebrities and other pop culture icons, American Dad! follows a generally more coherent, linearly plot-driven storyline, easier to understand without as much background information. Fans and critics alike have noted the similarities between the two. The nuclear family concept in both series is strongly conceived, with a (Simpsons-esque) father/mother/sister/brother in each. Both of the dads in the shows (Peter Griffin of Family Guy and Stan Smith of American Dad!) are portrayed as idiots. Some claim that Stan is essentially Joe Swanson with working legs or a smarter, buffed-up Glen Quagmire, although neither is technically correct. Their respective wives are the voices of reason, and come from almost the exact opposite background as their husbands. The families each have a son (who try to follow in their father’s footsteps), a daughter (who is considered a type of outcast: Meg – social outcast, Hayley – political outcast), and a talking pet. The only difference in the family structure is the inclusion of Stewie Griffin in Family Guy, whereas American Dad has Roger, although both can be seen as science fiction type characters (talking baby genius – alien). Both characters have also shown signs of the possibility that they are homosexuals. [edit] Characters Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. The show centers around the Smith family and the various creatures that live with them that Stan has encountered during his work for the CIA. The family supposedly lives in the community of “Langley Falls,” in Langley, Virginia. Langley, located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, is where the headquarters of the CIA is located. [edit] Smith Family Stan Smith: Has worked for the CIA since the 1980s as a weapons expert and is always on the alert for terrorist activity. He has a terror-alert color code on his fridge. He can be quite paranoid and protective, as when he shoots the toaster when the toast pops up. Stan is also in almost top physical shape (he has a bit of a gut) and is able to do moves like James Bond. He often brings his work home; for instance, one of his ideas for family game night is “name that gun part.” He has no qualms about kidnapping, drugging, or tasering anybody, even family members, for his own selfish reasons. He worships Ronald Reagan, picking a dog who was alive during the Gipper’s administration and quoting his speeches. Also, he is startlingly out-of-touch with international events. He has never been impotent, except one time he couldn’t get Lisa Kudrow out of his head. Francine Smith: The sweet, loving wife of Stan Smith, who keeps her own opinions and party-hearty personality mostly to herself for the sake of her husband’s ultra-conservative views, although she is not afraid to put him in his place. She never has any friends because she has no career and Stan always scares the neighbors. She is more sympathetic to Hayley’s ideas and Steve’s geekiness than Stan is. Her housework is her life, although she has occasional longing for grander things. Hayley Smith: The “ultra-liberal” and promiscuous daughter of Stan and Francine. Because of her views, Stan at times distrusts her and puts her through security measures that are found before entering the White House. She is eighteen and goes to community college. She partakes in recreational marijuana, usually with her boyfriend, Jeff, and goes hiking with him. In the first episode of Season 2, she dropped Jeff to briefly date her father’s boss, CIA Deputy Director Bullock, because she was looking for a guy who “can stand up to her.” After Stan’s intervention, she dumped Bullock and went back to her hippie boyfriend Jeff. Steve Smith: Geeky little brother of Hayley and son of Stan and Francine. Roger seems to be his best friend. He goes to extreme measures to raise his social status and get dates, yet he actually knows very little about sex. Although he was stereotypically whiny in the pilot episode, in the regular series he is confident and smart, but still a dork. He plays Dungeons & Dragons with his three best human friends. Steve has been known to walk around town clad only in a jockstrap. He never masturbates. He can read Elvish. He believes that like raisins, women should have wrinkles. Klaus the Talking Fish: The result of the CIA swapping an East German Olympic skier’s brain with that of a goldfish in order to prevent him from winning the gold medal. This libidinous fish manifests some sadistic tendencies (“I’m German!” he offers as explanation) and lusts after Francine. He is extremely tolerant of water conditions; while the average goldfish will die even in tapwater, Klaus has swum in a washing machine and a Thermos of coffee, and frequently perches himself out of the water. The prurient pet follows the same format creator Seth MacFarlane used in his other show, with Brian Griffin in Family Guy: Both openly lust for their owner’s wife, and Brian even married Lois Griffin once. Klaus’s brain swap was said to be during the 1986 Winter Olympics, an event that did not actually take place. Roger the Alien: The sarcastic and possibly gay space alien who saved Stan’s life in Area 51. He spends his time eating (mainly junk foods), smoking, and drinking. He is not allowed to leave the house and the family has to conceal his existence, although he has left on a few occasions in various disguises. He did go out once as himself to a sci-fi convention. He is mischievous, once prank-calling several world leaders after finding Dick Cheney’s BlackBerry. Every seven hours, a green waste is ejected from his body; his pancreas has fangs and is able to live and move outside his body for several hours at least. Roger’s distinct speech pattern is a parody of Paul Lynde. He has the ability to transform his feces into valuable metals and gems after the consumption of certain foods, although he is currently unaware of the market value of his droppings. Roger’s species goes through reproductive cycle every six years. Implantation of the egg (or transfer of the fetus) occurs by having direct mouth-to-mouth contact. He can speak Spanish. [edit] Smith Relatives Jack Smith: Stan’s father. For most of his life, Stan believed his father to be a top secret agent in “The Scarlet Alliance”, in reality, he was a jewel thief. After the man Stan had paid to pretend to be his father dies, the real Jack drops in on the family. Roger develops a “boy crush” on Jack but the other family members remain wary of him. Stan tries to impress his father, who offers him his spot in “The Scarlet Alliance”. This is a lie actually, and instead, he wants Stan to become a jewel thief like him. After Stan learns the truth, a chase ensues and he captures Jack; but he decides to let him go. Jack has grey hair and is missing an eye, based off the traditional look of Marvel Comics’ super-spy Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D., but resembles Stan. [edit] Other characters In additional to the Smith family, there are also numerous other minor characters which have appeared, or have plans to appear, in multiple episodes. Avery Bullock: Deputy Director of the CIA, and Stan’s boss. He is as high strung as Stan, but considerably less paranoid and usually more competent. He is voiced by (and resembles) Patrick Stewart, akin to Adam West’s role in Family Guy. He once had an intimate relationship with Hayley. Greg Corbin: local News Anchor, Terry’s co-anchor and domestic partner. Also Stan’s neighbor. Afraid to tell his father he’s gay. Terry Bates: local News Anchor, Greg’s co-anchor and domestic partner. Also Stan’s neighbor. Jeff Fisher: Hayley’s stoner boyfriend. Hayley dumped him in the 2nd season, because he agreed with people very easily, until Stan taught him to “stand up for himself” (by beating, electrocuting, and entombing him). He and Hayley got back together. Loves events like Burning Man. The last viewers saw of Jeff, he was bleeding and twitching on the floor of a diner after being thrown head-first into a wall by Bullock; though Bullock implies at the end of the episode that Jeff is either dead or has suffered some sort of severe spinal cord damage, it is unknown if this will be recognized in the series’ continuity. Snot: Steve’s acne covered friend (voiced by Curtis Armstrong, who played the role of “Booger” in Revenge of the Nerds). He speaks Klingon, and seems to read Elvish. Like Steve, he has a fetish for older (octogenarian) women. Barry: Steve’s obese friend. Stan hates him, but doesn’t know why. He also speaks Klingon, and seems to read Elvish. Toshi: Steve’s Japanese friend. He only speaks Japanese (his dialogue appears in subtitles), which his friends hilariously misunderstand, though he perfectly understands English. He believes that Japan (or possibly Asian people in general) will rule the world in the next century. He also seems to read Elvish. Additional characters, voiced by Martin Mull and Beau Bridges, will be appearing in future episodes.

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