Little Britain Soundboard

This is the Little Britain interactive soundboard

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Britain Britain Britain Vicky Pollard stay behind No becuase what happened was Was going round Carls but this whole thing happened… No because this whole thing happened that I don’t even know nothing about Shut up! Shut up No but yeah but no but yeah but no Yeah but Louise Faran emptied a whole bottle of fanta Don’t go giving me evils This fellow, who calls himself Emily Howard, likes to dress up as a lady Tipping it down out there I’m a lady you see… pay me no heed I’ll have a lady’s drink I’d like to buy the lady a drink If that’s ok I said I’d like to buy you a drink A drinky poopoo, yes I’ll have a slim line tonic water please I like to do lady’s things I like you She’s gorgeous Yeah I know That one That one Yeah I know That One That One I don’t like it Read on boy Phillips, Nash … Go on read Yes all of you Scotch accents Hello Love Music Gary never told me he had such a beautiful grandmother Day Centre Murray Mints You smell nice, what is it What do you reckon nan, you up for it Maureen Can you take me to the toilet Julie be a good girl and take your nan to the toilet I’ll do it Its a straight play, no music Yes or no Yeah that’s why he likes them Enjoying your stay? Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t Magic Flute Yes Flute They call it the tomato Oh I just dream of the day… You’re the only gay Now you’re not… now there’s two of us No you are not a gay, I am gay No but yeah

In the town of Darkly Noone resides Vicky Pollard, an incomprehensible girl and the nemesis of many a teacher and social worker. Often heard rambling about “this fing wot you know nuffin about”, she stubs out her fags, orders snakebite and pretty much denies ever doing anything wrong. A strange British breed indeed.

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