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This is the The hillarious Borat MP3 soundboard!

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Borat music Chencooyi I have come here to greatest university in world Issac Newton William Shakespeare Kenny Dalgleish Yakshemaz I have seen woman Why are they here? Yes We say in Kazastan that Aeui What do you put on the horse? Yes Laughter Yes You find me woman with brain People call me Steve And best thing of all Government pay for this I had more fun Chenkooyi Can I work in a room with a light? I once catch herpes from my sister I have also had other disease in this area Do ladies work here? Do think woman should be educate? High five! I am a very strong physique I can hold a very large woman down for up to three hours Ladies very much like Borat I have had ghonnorea many times My wife she dead How can you tell if someone is polite when you first meet them Say goodbye! Sexy time Very nice to meet you What? Why not? It is nice! Nice No Wah wah wee wah! Yes You are my best friend

Hello English friend. What what what! My name is Borat. Like English Barry, but people call me Steve. A year ago I come to England and make many reportings. In this program you can watch them and also see more about my life in Kazakhstan. I hope you will like. It is nice. I like.

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